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Wolfsbanes Lucky Elixir

Wolfbane's Lucky Elixir Produces Cognac-Barrel Aged Max VG Ultra-Premium E-liquid. Luxury E-Liquid Redefined.

Vaper's, are you looking to cure the ills of your flavor fatigue? A few drops of Wolfbane's Lucky Elixir will propel your gustatory perception to a new dimension. Handcrafted in the USA, this exquisite e-liquid has matured in 18th-century French Cognac-infused oak barrels for two months, resulting in a full-bodied and smooth flavor that instantly transports you to an explosive realm of the senses.

Wolfbanes' Lucky Elixir's founder and creator Wolfgang Mustain has concocted deluxe recipe blends of high quality Max VG 3 mg nicotine strength Elixirs using only the highest quality ingredients.

Wolfbane's Lucky Elixir is presented in exclusive limited edition 35ml Electroplated Glass Skull bottles and 35ml Apothecary Glass Dropping bottles. For a superior vaping experience, sinfully reignite your taste buds with Wolfbane's Lucky Elixir.