Age Policy

Age Verification Policy

We strongly believe in providing an alternative to adults who are seeking an alternative to smoking, while keeping these products out of the hands of minors. We will never sell or market to kids – and pledge to continue our commitment to going above and beyond what is required by law to deter underage use. We will continue to strengthen our existing underage prevention initiatives and build upon our current efforts to deter underage product use. We truly believe in our mission to empower adults with the freedom of choice, and that our products have a positive impact on adult lives.

We are committed to preventing underage vaping and have taken several initiatives to effectively keep nicotine and vapor products out of the hands of minors. Visitors must certify they are of legal age before entering or viewing our site. In addition to an age-gate and a statement certifying you are over 21, online age verification is required to reasonably prove that you over a certain age when buying age-restricted products.

Ejuice Connect uses the best in class online age verification technology to ensure customers are of legal age. We age verify every customer using, long-established, and trusted as the gold standard of electronic age verification technology.

To place an order, users must provide the full legal name, permanent address, date of birth, and the last four digits of their social security number. This information is automatically verified by third-party software and cross-referenced with public records to confirm that the purchaser is at least 21 years of age. In the case that the public records fail to match or they do not wish to provide the social security number, the purchaser must upload a non-expired government-issued I.D. for human verification. You will be asked to email a legible copy of your identification clearly showing your age, name, and shipping address.

If the billing and/or shipping name and address do not match the name on the payment method, we will require age verification of the card owner before processing your order. The cardholder can click this link for Age Checker Verification or copy-paste the following URL into your browser:

We take privacy and security very seriously. Your information is only used to verify your age and is only stored to automatically verify you in the future. Again, photo IDs are not stored. Once you are verified on one site, you will be verified across the entire AgeChecker.Net network.

Note: We take identity theft seriously and receive daily notifications of unauthorized and fraudulent credit card use. If you experience an issue during checkout and are unable to complete your order after successfully placing orders in the past, please contact our customer service team by phone or text. We will require additional ID and written verification to remove any flags on your account to ensure your payment method isn't being used fraudulently.

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Our team continually works hard to strengthen the age verification process and improve our checkout procedure to restrict underage purchases and reserve the right to cancel the order if proper identification cannot be given in an appropriate amount of time.
By shopping on our site, you must confirm you are of legal smoking age in the jurisdiction that you reside (21+ in the U.S. in accordance with Federal Law).

Disclaimer: We reserve the right to use third-party age verification systems, in accordance with federal law. If necessary, we reserve the right to ask for identification if necessary. You must be legal smoking age for the state in which you reside to obtain and use a credit card and to purchase electronic cigarette products. In instances in which credit card verification is not enough, we may require to review your identification card. You will be asked to fax or email a legible copy of your identification clearly showing your age and shipping address. We will require a signed authorization note along with a legible copy of your identification card. We will cancel the order if proper identification cannot be given in an appropriate amount of time. All fraudulent orders may be reported to the local authorities within your vicinity.